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Our patented innovation:
the MicroFactory

For some time a new word has appeared, it is Cloud Manufacturing

The Wikipedia definition is complex but the principle is simple, produce where needed objects stored in the metaverse. To be able to achieve this feat, it is necessary to associate a production recipe with a 3D file.

This is exactly what we have done with MicroFactory PSI, it is capable of producing Class IIa and lower Surgical Instruments anywhere in the world!

Our mission

By duplicating the MicroFactory we can

create the first solution

certified cloud manufacturing

Producing anywhere means that you can set up directly in the hospital, where the Instruments are used, while respecting the regulatory constraints of the manufacturers...

The concept of MicroFactories can be duplicated with other products obtained by 3D printing such as resorbable or metallic implants. If you have projects involving 3D and want to maintain production flexibility, the concept is ideal!

Thank you to ENISE for welcoming us to its 3D printing research center and to the metropolis of Saint Etienne for its support!

Enise centrale lyon.jpg

Fundamental values


The solutions we offer are intended to be economical because they save you time, reduce inventory, manufacture the quantity needed, etc... 


Our goal is your peace of mind, we reduce the risks by providing guarantees on repeatability and compliance with your requirements!


By nature, 3D printing is a sustainable technology because it reduces the transport of objects, unprocessed materials are reused in our processes and we promote responsible industry.

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