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Here is our service offer

Prototyping &
mass production

Send us your 3d files and we print them in our factory in Saint - Etienne. If you plan to produce in series, we accompany you on the industrialization of your object, Medical Device or not!

Post treatment

In addition to re-machining, dyeing and chemical smoothing, Med In Town masters Final Cleaning, Packaging in ISO 7 room and autoclave sterilization operations.

A fully qualified recipe based on a WorstCase allowing you to easily link your developments to our validations.

Design and support

We are not intended to be a designer but are able to accompany you from the idea to the marketing thanks to our partners and our experience of 3D.

Integration & MicroFactories

Because we have know-how in process validation and because we believe that the future of production is local, we have developed the MicroFactory and in fact we have become an "Integrator".

Here is our service offer

Conception and development
Machining & finition
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Metal Additive Manufacturing
3D Segmentation from DICOM
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